HIS 4340 Modern Latin America


Midterm Essay Exam:


You will write an essay of approximately 6-8 pages in length (double spaced typing, 1 inch margins all-around, no extra spacing between paragraphs, 12-point Times font).No paper should be longer than 8 pages (exclusive of bibliography).


You will use information which was used for the class (the Chasteen textbook and reader, handouts, and the Marquez text).When you use any of these sources, you should cite correctly using either a parenthetical reference (MLA) or Chicago (Turabian) style.(Please note that I will deduct points if you use information other than whatís indicated above.)Also consider information presented in class lecture common knowledge.


Your essays will be marked based on argument/logic, evidence used, and grammar/syntax.As this is a senior-level course, I assume your knowledge of the critical essay form as well as your ability to cite correctly.


The essay is due by 1:30pm on Thursday, 12 October in Blackboard.    


Things to keep in mind:

1.      Arguments differ from opinion in that you must provide specific pieces of evidence to support what youíre writing.

2.      For this assignment, your opinion is not important; I am not asking for it and I donít want it.

3.      Whatever your own personal convictions or values, you must assess the material critically and objectively. Do not use first person in your essay.


Essay Question:So far this term we have examined the independence movements and the decades immediately following.A common pattern can be seen: the desire for liberal freedoms and independence which then gives way to the rise of caudillos.


Describe this pattern as it evolved in two of the following places: Mexico, Argentina, or Venezuela.Based on the information (sources) you offer (use), argue why this pattern emerged.